Born to Ride : The Skull Symbolism in Motorcycling

This is a question often asked - What is it with skulls and motorcyclists ? Motorcycle T - Shirts , Patches etchave Skulls on them ? ? It ' s almost as if they are mocking death ! On the contrary , most bikers use this symbol to ward off death . Of course , there are many theories as to how and why it came about to being popular among bikers .

During the 1 6 th century , skulls depicted belonging to the underworld . This was soon adapted by outlaw motorcycle gangs as a symbol of courage to defy . Soon , men ' s motorcycle t - shirts , leather motorcycle jackets and leather biker vests were seen adorned with badges and patches of skulls to symbolise fearlessness and valour . There is also a theory that veterans of WWl and WWll started their own club of motorcycle enthusiasts known as " Hell ' s Angels " with skull as their trademark . A tradition they carried forward from their war days to represent hell being unleashed upon the enemy !

More significantly , a Skull denotes not gender , age , religion , or social status . It is a symbol of non - discrimination and reminds us of that we are all equal and united . By the same passion .

Needless to say , the skull has today become an iconic representation of bikers . With women also joining in , the skull took on many new looks . A skull with flowers being one of the popular icons . Women ' s biker t - shirts often read Lethal Angels or Angel on Wheels . You may say it signifies a biker ' s commitment to ride until death !

Often, motorcycle patches with the skull in particular colours depict national pride, some other passion, or simply commitment to a riding club.

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