4 Pro Tips Creating a Custom, Cool Design

Our website is an independent, street men's fashion brand,focusing on offering affordable basics and fashion pieces,From basic crew neck tee shirts, Our team is obsessed with the idea to create unique streetwear with a constant perfection when it comes to design&quality.

Our company has its own production plant, so all products on our website are factory prices.Our product Made To Order, we print the sweatshirt one by one so we can control the quality.


We use DTG Technology to print on to T-shirt&sweatshirt.

DTG printing-a modern method of direct decoration

DTG printing or "directly to clothing" is the modern methods directly decorative fabrics and clothing. DTG technology allows us to apply any graphics to cotton fabric or cotton cloth with elastic fiber/viscose fiber. The graphics are created using a special printer. Our machine shop in the device is the latest printer models Brothers GTXpro bulk due to industrial heads, it can be quickly and directly print directly onto the material. 

Use DTG printing technology perfect color reproduction with a color transition.The Printing have attracted the attention of young people through their colorful and distinctive prints on their clothing. It can be seen that clothing direct-injection digital printing technology is leading a new fashion direction!



To create a cool design, it have to have a good sense of color, pattern, and what goes well together.

Making a design that hasn't been done before is incredibly difficult to do. We have to bring our creative A-game to the table, but there's no harm in getting some tips from the pros.


Great t-shirts are a staple of fashion, so whether we're making them for yourself, or starting a fashion line, you've got to get the design right.



A lot of first-time t-shirt designers get really excited about an idea and start production right away. If we don't let our ideas marinate for a few days, then we're inevitably going to run into problems.

Like anything creative, we have to give ideas room to breathe so we can find out if we really like them. A good t-shirt idea requires some extra thought before going to print.



It's rare that a busy design actually translates well on a t-shirt. You might have a gorgeous design from a really great artist, but there are a lot of nuances that you simply can't capture on t-shirt fabric.

We Stick to simpler concepts and only let the loud and proud designs win out when it's undeniably good. The best classic t-shirt designs abide by this philosophy and we should too if we're going to create the next great tee.